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Comfort Matters LLC. is committed to providing our customers with excellent service. Combining technology, years of experience, and in depth knowledge of heating and cooling systems, we are prepared to offer a quality experience, because your comfort matters to us.

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Comfort Matters is your one-stop-shop for all your HVAC repair and Installation needs. Whether you’re looking for help with something minor or need a new system, Comfort Matters can find the right solution for you. We offer free estimates for new installations.

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Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional Service.

We service all makes and models of heating equipment. From oil to gas, boilers to furnaces we will be able to help solve your heating issues with efficient, reliable, and exceptional service.


Reliability. Cost Savings. Energy Efficient.

We also service all makes and models of Air Conditioning equipment including heat pumps and ductless mini-split. Whether your system needs a simple tune-up or a major repair, we will be able to provide the proper services to make sure you stay cool.

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Breathe Easy

Indoor air quality is an important, often overlooked component to your heating or cooling system. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, there are many solutions that can help alleviate these issues within your home. Call us to find out how we can help you breathe easy.


Energy Efficient, Reliable, Affordable

If your home needs a new system, we are ready to help you design and build a system that will fit your needs as well as your budget. Whether you have a Furnace, Boiler, Heat Pump, Air Conditioner, we can provide solutions that will give you peace of mind. Call us today for your free, no pressure estimate.

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